Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

Did you have a good weekend?  I decided to tackle Part One of recovering the cushions on my midcentury lounge chair - taking apart the existing cushion covers.  The seam ripper and I spent a lot of quality time together over the weekend.

My plan is to use the old covers as a template to cut out the new fabric (more on the new fabric later this week).  Measuring and cutting fabric accurately is definitely not my strong suit so this should be just about foolproof.  I hope. 

I was even able to salvage the cord, which means that all I will need to purchase for this project is a little batting to wrap around the cushion core.   

Other than that, our weekend was all about catching up on housework and DVR.  The MLB playoffs have put us woefully behind on our regular shows.  I've yet to catch "American Horror Show" (which I hear is sexy-creepy-goodness!) and it's already two episodes in.  Fortunately or I guess it's really unfortunately, I caught an episode of "Donna Decorates Dallas". 


Oh Donna. 

She certainly has a very

Why choose between zebra and leopard when you can have both???

When did The Real Housewives of New Jersey become a design style? 

Please HGTV, make it stop.

On the episode I caught, I saw her whip out a glue gun to put more "bling" and "sparkle" on the button tufting of a sofa back AND on cabinet knobs.  Yeah.  That really happened.  On TV. 

It would be incredibly cruel of me to leave you with those pictures as the last images in today's post.  So, here is some damned fine work from a Dallas designer and glory of glories...not a feather or fleur de lis in sight! 

The photos above are all from EJ Interiors, aka "Material Girls" blog.

Ahh, that's so much better now isn't it? 

Have I exorcised the demon? 


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