Monday, February 7, 2011

DIY Art Inspiration: One Piece of Scrap Wood, Endless Possibilities

After banging my car door into a 2’ x 4’ piece of plywood (left over from my guest room headboard project) for about the umpteenth time this month, it occurred to me that rather than leave it sitting in my garage indefinitely, I could use it as a canvas for some DIY art. So I hit a few of my favorite blogs looking for inspiration.

Over on Project Pretty I saw this:
I love the combination of the crisp, white paint and the richness of the wood.  Courtney did  it all by freehand and I'm so jealous of her skills!  I know myself and I'm way too critical of my own work  to totally freehand anything!  I wouldn't recognize when to stop painting and be happy with what I've done and I'd end up overworking the whole thing.  

On Lemon Tree I found this:

So pretty!  Erin used some reclaimed boards and applied a stencil with metallic paints.  I'm  really loving the modern-rustic feel of her piece. 

I'm contemplating a hybrid of these projects - something not totally freehand but not completely stenciled either.  Either one would be a big step up for that piece of scrap wood - certainly an improvement from its current function: putting dents into my car door!



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