Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So glad you found me!  Welcome to Sarah Elizabeth Design and to what I hope is the first of many more visits.  I've got several of my own DIY projects in the works and I'll be posting photos (the good the bad and the unfortunate) with helpful tutorials along the way. 

One quick disclaimer; this isn’t a blog devoted to the fine arts of decoupage and painting every blasted piece of wood in the place some obnoxious color of the moment.**  This also isn't a blog written by a woman armed to the teeth with a glue gun and a DH to operate all of those scary power tools for me. I do all my own stunts folks! 

There are plenty of crafty-type blogs out there already, so if you find this one too caustic or not nearly crafty enough for your taste check those other blogs out too.  Then come back here for a snarky, self-deprecating perspective on all things related to interior design and DIY.

Come back especially on Fridays for my weekly feature "Imbibing and Inspiring" where I feature a delicious cocktail recipe and create a concept board inspired by the drink of the week.  

Welcome to my blog!

**Ok, so maybe there will be a little furniture painting.


  1. Auughhh, I just found your blog and I already love it! I am also a Sarah Elizabeth on a mission to turn our 'builder beige' suburbia house into something we can call our own. I started a blog (my first, and what a joke!) to document my progress...but I just might be too lazy (I call it 'busy') to stick to that. I do subscribe to all of those so-crafty-I-wanna-smack-them-but-actually-wanna-BE-them blogs, which are great, but I'll definitely be tuning in to yours for the reality check :) Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    P.S. LOVE your craigslist post! I can tell we would be friends! haha

  2. Thanks Sarah for checking out my blog and for leaving such an awesome comment! I snorted out loud at the "so crafty I wanna smack them" part. Good luck on all your projects - I'll definitely be checking in to see how you de-beige your home. :)


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