Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Phoenix Craigslist Finds: The Good, The Bad and the Meh

Fellow Phoenicians, have you ever looked through Craigslist furniture ads for other cities like L.A., New York or Chicago?  Well, I have and seeing some of the amazing antiques and one-of-a-kind pieces offered in those places makes me crazy jealous that we don’t have the same caliber of listings here in the Phoenix area. 

Scavenger Roundup from ApartmentTherapy.com

Just do a quick search for “mid-century” or “modern” and see how many junked-up Ikea pieces or ugly 80’s chrome & glass tables pop up in the results.  Now search for “vintage” and see how many people think anything before 2000 qualifies.  Oh and the adjectives “gorgeous” and “stunning” you will find are very, VERY open to interpretation. 

Now look at the prices for this “gorgeous” and “stunning” vintage stuff.  Three hundred bucks for a six-drawer dresser from the 70’s? A hundred and fifty for a dingy, dumpy sofa and loveseat in faded, Miami Vice colors?  Are these people delusional? 

Oh and don’t even get me started on all of the retailer listings touting “Custom Designer Sectionals”.  Are they fooling anyone?

And then there are listings that come along every so often that make scrolling through other people’s trash seem worthwhile.  Beautiful six-drawer dressers with ornate carvings & feminine details that would be perfect in a Shabby Chic or Hollywood Regency styled bedroom.  Wingback chairs with exaggerated curves just begging for a modern fabric. 

If I may, a humble plea to the Gods of Phoenix Craigslist; less of this:

All this can be yours for $60 - seriously!

More this:

Less this:

Yes I KNOW how comfy these hideous beasts are but c'mon!

More this:

And more of this:

Less of this:

And more of this:

Refinish the wood and update the fabric
for a modern take on a grandma-style, antique sofa
That is all.

Tell me all about your adventures or misadventures on Craigslist or garage sales.  Have you scored any fantastic finds?  Any diamonds in the rough that you want to brag about?


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