Friday, December 17, 2010

Fabulous Friday Feature

So often in design the focus is purely on the aesthetic sometimes at the expense of functionality.  The reverse can also be true – yes I’m talking about you Snuggy!  

Now, I am all for celebrating the pretty (that’s kinda the point of this whole blog thing I’ve got going on here!) but what really makes me stand up and cheer is when a design so ingeniously fills a need for moms and tots everywhere and does it with gobs of style.

Introducing Custom Climbers!  These clever step-stools for kids, designed and created by Hayley McNeil, would fit right in at the most stylish of homes.   Hayley’s got some beautiful stock designs but will also do custom orders.  If I had a little one I’d definitely snatch up the Deer for myself!  Actually, I do have an awfully hard time reaching things on the top shelf in my kitchen.   Hmmm....

When I asked about her inspiration for Custom Climbers, Hayley said:

“Custom Climbers was born from a desire to see modern, kid-friendly furniture that not only empowers children, but gets their adults grinning too. Most of the children's step stools I found available online were too crafty and "cute" looking. There are also very few toddler boy options that successfully walk the line between baby and big kid. After making a couple step stools as gifts for friends, I was wildly encouraged to take my aesthetic to the streets! So, here I am, shouting from the rooftops "You CAN have a great looking, functional piece of kids furniture that doesn't break the bank!!!" The best part is that they are entirely customizable. Clients can choose their colors, their image and even personalize it with the child's name. And 10% of all proceeds benefit San Diego children in need. “

Head on over to her Etsy store for more information on her beautiful and super-functional stools!

P.S.  I did not receive anything for this shout-out so rest assured that I’m only blogging about this product because I truly think it is fantastic!

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  1. Thanks for the promo-mojo my friend! Your commentary pre-introduction was true Sarah style and so fun to read. Hugs!!!


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