Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Better Late Than Never - My New Year's Resolutions

I realize it’s a little late to be making New Year’s resolutions but it wasn’t until the last few days that I thought of any that were actually worth making.  Sure, I’ve got the usual suspects like everyone else, lose a few pounds, start jogging (again) and put more money into savings…blah, blah, blah.  Those are all well and good but after making the same resolutions year after year and crapping out on achieving them, (year after year!) they start to lose importance.
Let’s just say that the past week has been um, enlightening as far as the whole “What the hell am I doing to actually get to where I want to be in life” question goes.  It’s brought me to the realization that the things I want most aren’t going to just happen (duh).  Yes, I’m 35 and yes I’m JUST NOW coming to terms with this. 
The designers and design bloggers who I see as having the career and opportunities that I aspire to didn’t just stumble upon their good fortune – they knew what they wanted and they busted their asses until they got it.  Sure there are a few exceptions to this but they’re exceptions and planning on dumb luck is like planning for retirement by purchasing lottery tickets. 
So, in the spirit of busting my ass and committing myself to my success (God, I sound like some idiotic motivational speaker “You CAN do it!!”), here are my New Year’s Resolutions for myself as a designer and for this blog:
1.       Make my own design project dreams come true.  Stop waiting for the “fantastic-design-work-fairy” to magically drop incredible clients, opportunities or projects into my lap.  I want fantastic design work and I need to go out and get what I want!
2.       Commit to 3 new posts every week.  I’ve been falling in the 1-2 per week category at best and it’s time to step it up and write more content.  I happen to be a girl with many, many opinions and am deluded enough to think there are people out there who want to hear them!
3.       Get published!  Whether in a design/decorating magazine or the Home section of my local paper.
4.       Figure out how to format my “Comments” section so that leaving a comment is easier for readers.  I just can’t seem to figure this one out, is it a blogspot thing or is it a me thing?
5.       Complete and post 2 DIY projects per month. 
6.       Figure out how to properly use my camera to take better photos for the blog.
There, that ought to keep me busy for the next six months or so! 
And, because it seems rude not to post some drool-worthy pictures, here are a few from Elle Decor:

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  1. Love your new Blog! I too have had a self revelation of sorts lately, realizing the things I want to have and have happen will only come if I get up and put in the work! Ah Life!


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