Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Friday - Project Updates!

I thought it was time to share updates on a couple of projects I have in the works.  First up, a "mini-makeover" for our master closet.
I was in full on purge-the-hell-outta-this-mess mode last weekend and filled up three bags of old clothes to haul over to Goodwill.  When that was done, I set about organizing and beautifying what remained, which meant creating a pretty little dressing area for myself.

I've had this cheap, particle board dresser for many years (it used play the part of nightstand in the guestroom) and I've wanted to doll it up for quite a while.  After a trip to HD for some paint (Martha Stewart "Sharkey Gray) and some new hardware, she has earned her spot as the star of our closet.

A tray set on top is now the perfect spot to hold my jewelry box, perfume and a photo of a really good-looking guy I know. 

And photographic evidence that no project around this house gets done without a little four-legged interference:

Project #2 is still a work in progress but it has made some major strides in the last couple of months.  I'm really excited to get this one finished up fast.  My plan is to have it completed in time for the good-looking-guy's mom & dad to enjoy in April.  The progress so far:

The upholstered headboard I made a few months ago using one of many tutorials found online.  Just Google "DIY Upholstered headboard" and you will find people who are much better qualified than I am to guide you through the process.  This was the kind of project that elicited a frequent cry of "Mother F#$($#!!" and caused me to throw pliers across the garage.  Several times.  I wish I could say I was more mature when faced with adversity but DIY that doesn't go smoothly brings out my inner Christian Bale ("Ohhh!! Good for Youuu!!").  Despite my frustrations, it turned out pretty well and as time has passed, I can walk into the room without wanting to punch the headboard. 

As it is now, this room is entirely too brown for me.  I'm on the hunt for some new window panels - something with color and pattern to brighten up the room.  I'll probably replace the three big euros with new pillows in a small scale fabric - maybe a houndstooth I've had squirreled away. 

The nightstand situation also needs to be addressed with some paint.  I got this piece at a thrift store for just a few bucks.  It's actually pretty solid but it needs refreshing.  I really don't like having too much painted furniture but this piece was really cheap and the finish is just too banged up to re-stain.  Plus a lighter, painted finish would be really nice against that chocolate wall. 

At a vintage shop in Jerome a few months back, I picked up a copy of "Look" magazine from the 40's.  It has great ads and fashion photos that I'd love to frame as art for this room. 

This one below cracks me up!  First and most obviously - what the hell is she wearing and where do I get one?  Second - does she actually know this man whose face she's petting or does gardening just put her in a really friendly mood?  I'm thinking that this one will NOT be going up in the guest room!  
 Have a happy weekend!


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