Monday, September 19, 2011

Progress! Cocktail Table Makeover

Whew!  Now that was a busy weekend!  Mine flew by in a flash but I did manage to sand, clean and prime my faux-bamboo cocktail table.  I know!  I'm pretty amazed myself! Ha!  Tomorrow I'm going to start painting.  Very exciting!

Here's a quick reminder of what we started with:

In this closeup, you can see why sanding this thing took much longer than I anticipated.

To get the best finish possible, I knew I had to sand off all of those flaking bits of veneer.  I want this table to be a showstopper and that all starts with the prep work.  Let me tell you, sanding all those nooks and crannies was a real chore.  I had to fight through that impatient inner voice whispering "Screw this sanding nonsense and just slap some paint on it already!".  Getting this fret work smooth meant wrapping a small piece of sandpaper around my finger and wedging it in there.  I have the splinters in my cuticles to prove it!

Once I was satisfied that I had a nice, smooth surface I wiped it down and cleaned away all traces of sawdust.  That was followed up with a couple coats of spray on primer.  If you ever have to prime a piece of furniture, a spray on primer will save you tons of time. 

Here's how the table is looking now:

What a difference a little primer makes!  It really brings out all the gorgeous detail that caught my eye in the first place.  How do you like my makeshift work table?  It's two dog crates with a dropcloth draped over them.  Hey, you work with whatcha got, right?


That's our Abby girl in the background, barking at a bird or plane.  She is very protective of our airspace. 

Next up - paint! 


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