Friday, October 21, 2011

Playing Hooky Today!

Oh, so glad Friday is here!  It's been a busy couple of days (hence my lack of new posts) with wrapping up a couple of edesigns and gearing up for a new client presentation.  And did I tell you I decided that NOW would be a good time to take up jogging again?  It's my annual "I'm gonna run a 5k in January and get that high and tight runner's butt" delirium. 

I'll keep you posted on both ends.  

After burning the candle at both ends all week, I've decided to spend today indulging in some serious girl time. A good friend has moved back to AZ and this will be the first time I've seen her since she arrived. I couldn't be more excited for today! 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and please come back Monday where things will be back to normal around here.


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