Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Design Trend That Needs to Die Already

Just like fashion trends, design trends come and go all the time.  Every twenty years or so, old trends get dragged out, dusted off and trotted out for a new generation to discover (I'm talking to you skinny jeans!). It's exciting to see how an old trend is reinterpreted and given a second or third chance to shine.  For example, I love how right now, brass from the 80's and early 90's is being updated and incorporated into modern, eclectic interiors. 

via Emily Henderson

Unfortunately, there are some design trends that just won't go away long enough to be appreciated or, more likely, recognized for being truly awful.  I suspect that's because if they did go away, no one and I mean no one would ever have the desire to bring them out again.  Some trends are just too heinous to deserve a second chance. 

For me, the hands-down, absolute, numero uno trend that just won't die no matter how designers try to kill it is "Tuscan" style. I recognize that I tend to be dramatic but I am definitely not overstating things when I say that I hate, freaking HATE anything with the words "Tuscan" or "Italianate" in the description.  For me, those two things inevitably translate into gaudy, tacky, overdone, dark and dated. 

It's a brown and gold muddy mess!

An entire Kirkland's was cleared out to accessorize this room.

Don't let those beautiful ceiling beams get all the attention. Add a bunch of gaudiness to distract the eye. 
I just don't get it.  What is so appealing here?  Is it because all that carving, fringe, feathers and "bling" looks like they spent and therefore have a lot of money? I'm sorry if I'm about to offend anyone who loves this style or decorates in this style for a living but this is baaaaaad.  Real baaaaad. These pictures look like "befores" when I'm guessing the homeowners thought they were paying for an "after".

Now I'm not so delusional that I think I can tell people they can't indulge their love of old world style but let's bring it up to date already.  Let's add a little light, life and freshness with all those classic details.  Play with colors that aren't brown, gold and burgandy. Leave a little blank space here and there so your eye can breathe. Recognize that not every piece needs to match or be carved and overlayed within an inch of its life.  

Like these rooms:


via A Perfect Gray

Now how much better do those last rooms feel?  Architectural elements and some (some!) of the furniture hearken to eras past but, thanks to great use of color and modern touches, nothing feels overdone or frumpy.  

So go on, get your Tuscan on but give it your own modern spin.


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