Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My New Obsession: Rustic Wood Sculpture

The air around here finally has that nice crisp bite to it and lately, when I step out onto our back patio at night, I can often smell the mesquite wood burning in nearby fire pits and fireplaces.  Ahhh....you gotta love Fall in Arizona.

We live in a newer subdivision that was plopped down in the middle of farm land and dairies, whose owners I'm sure are just absolutely IN LOVE with all of us stucco-inhabiting, Trader-Joe's-shopping invaders.

If they only know how much I envy their lush, irrigated lawns with fully mature trees and large plots of land with not an ounce of decomposed granite in sight. 
One of these neighbors has recently cut down an enormous pine tree and their side yard is currently littered with stumps of all shapes and sizes.  Every time I drive by I think how perfect one of those stumps would be as a little side table, or perhaps a few of them grouped together for a cocktail table.  One day I'll get up the nerve to go ask them to have/buy a few.


This time of year, I really love the idea of bringing some rough and rustic wood inside my home.  So when I saw this picture from HouseBeautiful in my inbox today - I got really excited.


Do you see it?  

Here's a closeup: 

I was immediately intrigued by this modern take on a rustic stool and had to find out where to get one. Luckily the source guide didn't let me down.  The stool (amongst many other absolutely AMAZING things) is made by sculptor Alma Allen who is located in Joshua Tree, California.  

Some of my favorite works from their portfolio:

Ugh, I die for the richness and the texture of that walnut!  And the solid brass legs on the slab cocktail table (top row, middle)?  Seriously gorgeous!  This all makes me ridiculously happy.  I'm head-over-heels in love with pretty much everything they make.  And the fact that they're obvious dog-lovers only endears them to me even more.  

I also love how their dogs have ended up in a few of their product photos.

See him?
This one's a little more obvious:

What effect does turning and polishing solid wood for a living have on one's biceps and forearms you ask?  Well, wonder no more:


I definitely feel like any home, no matter the design style, could use a dose of rustic wood. 

For example:



Even ultra-feminine spaces look amazing with a dash of rustic or reclaimed wood:


A walnut table from Alma Allen is definitely going towards the very top of my "Fall Wish List". 


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