Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reveal: Client Design Board

Is tomorrow really Thanksgiving?  Holy giblet gravy, how did that happen?!  Brendon and I are determined to keep it very low key this year. I'm determined not to wind up completely exhausted and buried in dishes at the end of the day. So, our menu will be very simple: Turkey with giblet gravy, homemade stuffing, greens, freezer rolls and store-bought pumpkin pie.  I'm dying to make cranberry sauce too but it's a slippery slope from "I'll just add one more thing" to a complete "I-overdid-it-AGAIN-I-hate-Thanksgiving!" meltdown.

Instead I'm going to try and spend a quiet and stress-free day with the one I'm most thankful for:

No, not this one:


This one:

I just realized recently that I never shared an e-design I completed for a client last month.  This client was looking to convert a spare bedroom into a proper guest room and needed a little help incorporating some existing elements into the new space.  Namely, these two adorable nightstands which I recommended she paint:

It's a little hard to see but they have some really pretty gingerbread-type wood accents on the front.  Once they're painted and get some new hardware, they'll be gorgeous!

Here's what I came up with for the concept:

I wanted to give her a sophisticated yet totally comfortable design.  The color scheme was inspired by a bit of existing wallpaper that contains mauve. I never thought I'd be a fan of mauve but I gotta say that I really love how that color works with plums and warm gray.  To keep the room from looking too girly, I only used a touch of mauve in pillows.  If I were doing an in-person makeover, I'd bring in a little more of it in art and accessories.

If you ever need pillows made in designer fabrics, check out Etsy.  There are so many sellers to choose from with some beautiful pillows and the prices are incredibly reasonable!

Every guest bedroom needs a dressing area.  This room has a niche that currently has a desk with open shelves above.  It was once their daughter's bedroom and this worked perfectly for her as a homework space.  Now that she's an adult and on her own, I'm recommending dedicating this niche to a guest dressing area.

By adding a large dresser (with plenty of room to layout makeup, hair dryer, lotions and potions, etc..) and a mirror above, this will be an ideal spot for guests to get ready for the day.  You've gotta keep those guests from hogging your bathroom and giving them a place of their own to do hair and makeup is the key to a happy host!

You also need a spot at the foot of the bed to set down suitcases, put on shoes or turn down bedding.  An upholstered bench is just the thing! 

It would be easy for a mauve and plum color scheme to drift into a pastel nightmare but we avoided that by implementing warm gray and rich wood tones.  If I'd selected a painted white dresser, it would have looked like a kid's space but the warm walnut tones of the one we chose keeps things sophisticated.

I can't wait to see how it all comes together.  I think we struck a really nice balance in this design that isn't too modern or too traditional.  It feels calm and restful and has all the elements that a proper guest room needs.

Sorry for not revealing any sources but out of respect for my client, I have to keep those between the two of us. :)

It'll be super quiet around here until Monday so have a wonderful, gut-bustingly-happy Thanksgiving! 

P.S. I'm also thankful for all of you who keep on reading and for being so kind and encouraging!


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