Friday, December 23, 2011

Small Changes Mean So Much

I may be a designer but I am by no means immune from the thinking that goes a little something like, "My living room feels tired and unfinished but I can't afford to replace it all so I guess it's pointless to do anything until then".

When you live in a space and with your belongings day in and day out, year after year, it can be hard to  see the potential in those existing pieces.  Which is why hiring a designer (ahem!) can often times be very economical.  A fresh set of designer eyes can come into your home, take stock of your existing furnishings and transform the best of what you already own with a cohesive new scheme and some savvy spending of those decorating dollars.

Case in point:

Kirsten, from one of my favorite blogs "6th Street Design School", is the designer behind this beautiful and budget-conscious transformation. I found it yesterday over on Design Sponge, another great blog. 

From the looks of it, the upholstery in this shot was all existing. The addition of custom window treatments, accent tables, lamps, pillows, art and accessories create the finished look that clients so often feel is missing from their homes.  While it may seem like adding a bunch of "frou-frou" is unnecessary, one look at those "before" and "afters" prove what a BIG difference they really make.  Those finishing touches are what truly make a house feel like a home.

According to Kirsten, the cane-back chairs in this photo were Craigslist finds that were reupholstered by the client.  Craigslist is practically infested with these chairs and I've seen them as low as $25 a pop!

The budget for your project (like this example) may not be huge but by identifying needs, having a keen knowledge of many vendors and prioritizing purchases, we designers can help you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Projects like this one from Kirsten and the one I just completed (photos coming after the holidays!) are in some ways more challenging and satisfying than a "start from scratch" one.  I love helping a client fall in love with their home and existing furnishings all over again.  When the budget isn't unlimited it brings out an entirely new creativity that I love to tap into.

If you would like help transforming your existing room and pieces into something brand new and amazing, email me.  I'd love to chat!

All photos via Design Sponge.

Have a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Holiday!  I'll see you back here on Tuesday.


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