Friday, January 27, 2012

For Your Weekend

This will be quick and dirty today. I have a lot to accomplish before I have to run out the door in an hour.  Hopefully I remember to brush my hair!

Last week it was Rue Magazine and this week House of Fifty released the Winter/Spring issue upon us:

One of my favorite images (albeit a little stretched for some reason!):

In addition to tons of gorgeous interiors there's also food, lifestyle advice, DIY How To's and, from page to page, it's easily one of the prettiest magazines out there.

I picked up the new headboard for the guest bedroom this week.  It looked different in my head so plans for the upholstered inset will have to change just a bit but I still plan on doing it. 

The finish on the posts is so pretty that I can't bring myself to paint it.

I'll be starting on this project next week so stay tuned!

Onto the rest of "For Your Weekend"....

This post from Young House Love was just the thing I needed today.  Thanks Sherry and John for being so real and generous with the inspiration!

Don't read this if you're not in the mood for a good cry.  It makes me feel really lucky that B and I have the kind of dogs that will live forever.  Phew! Seriously though, so very truly sad for your loss Jen.  

If I wasn't absolutely dyinnnnnng-uh to go to Paris already, Erin's pictures from her recent trip would do the trick:

I'm thinking this is a weekend for a little Clooney:


And on the small screen, a Clooney look-a-like:


Have a great weekend everyone!  See ya back here Monday for the reveal of my guest bedroom design board.

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  1. Thanks for the House of Fifty shout out and glad to have found your blog! Thanks Sarah! Janell


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