Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Randomness

My personal style has changed drastically since I first began actively pursuing a career in interior design.  I've talked about how I'm completely over the whole "super contemporary" look and more recently, my love for transitional style (full of tapered legs and espresso wood) has waned. As I continued to explore various styles, vendors and the work of other designers my horizons broadened considerably. And thank god!  I now describe myself as being firmly in camp "Eclectic".

Which pretty much means, if I like it then it's my style.

These days I also find myself more willing to experiment with bold colors and utilizing multiple colors in a single room. For someone who had the model-home-mantra of "only three colors per house (and one of them was always chocolate, gray or black) drilled into her impressionable head for years, this is a big departure.  Albeit a very, very welcome one!

Pantone listing such a bold color as Tangerine Tango their color of 2012 has inspired me to create a bedroom design board that was big on saturated color. Now, I don't know if I myself could live with this much color in my master bedroom but it has made me wonder.

Also a big departure from my model home days is the mix of styles in this board.  You have a classic Draper chest, chinoiserie chandelier and a modern wing back chair all in one space. I love it this space and for me it works in part because the repetition of yellow and black helps unify the room. 

Everywhere I look, whether it's Pinterest or the dozens of design blogs I read each day, designers and decorators are fearlessly experimenting with color and combining styles in a way that feels (to me at least) so fresh and timeless.  Who knows, in 20 years we may look back on all of this crazy mixing and gag but I don't really think so.  While the overabundance of Ikat and Chevron might make us cringe a little, all in all I think the interiors we're seeing today will still be appreciated in the decades to come. 

On my plate this weekend is a small (I hope!) DIY project.  I'm going to try to rewire these vintage lamps and outfit them with new shades!  They're the first part of my guest room makeover which will get into full swing once the little brother moves out later this month.

Have a happy weekend!


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