Monday, January 23, 2012

My Guest Bedroom: Before Photos

So, I'm not the only one excited about having the guest bedroom back:

They do this for hours.

The bottom of the window is perpetually covered with a smear of whatever it is that makes a dog's nose wet.  Luxurious, eh?

In order to have a dramatic "After" there's got to be an unfortunate "Before", right?  It is with great embarrassment today that I share photos of our guest bedroom in its current state. Let me warn you, these pictures couldn't be more underwhelming.

It's glaringly obvious that there was no design plan whatsoever. Even though publishing these images makes me cringe, I share them because this is the reality.

Also, I suspect I'm not the only one with at least one room in my house that is such a mishmash of DIY projects gone wrong (ahem - upholstered headboard!), impulse purchases and random leftovers from other rooms. People may think that interior designers must all have amazing homes that are completely finished and magazine ready.  Ah ha ha ha ha ha!! 

Oh I wish that were true. 

Here's the truth:

I like the shape of the mirrors but I'm not sure that above the headboard is the right place for them.  Mirrors should be somewhat functional and who's using these in their current location?  I'm undecided on whether to keep them in this room or not. 

The headboard.  Oh the headboard.  The workmanship is abysmal and I'm completely over the fabric.

The nightstands and Pier 1 clearance lamps.  These pieces have no business being in the same room. Also, there are cord management issues.

 I actually love the color of the green chest and it might stay.  Perhaps with a new base, legs or casters.  Hmm..

This chest will stay.  It's a piece that B. has had since he was small, plus the finish and shape is really pretty and it's a really functional piece.  The hardware will stay but I'm going to refresh with a little Rub 'n Buff.

 And now, the wall of shame:

Careful. If you stare too long, you'll be sucked into "The Nothing".

The chocolate brown wall is going away and will most likely become the same color as the rest of the room.  It's a good taupe that works.  Plus, I've already got some of that paint on hand which will save me precious dollars.

I've had several yards of fabric stowed away for new drapery panels:

There's also this vintage bedspread with a Hollywood Regency kind of vibe that makes me really happy. I used to detest it but lately I kind of love it:

I'd love to use it at the end of the bed but the condition of the fringe has me thinking it needs a little surgery:

It's a little "Miss Havisham" no?

These lamps are definitely moving in for good:

Imagine them with shades and light bulbs!

A bit of brass will certainly  play a role in the new design plan.  Overall I'm going for a vintage-y, regency-y, modernish look. All of these random thoughts and elements will be collected and formed into a cohesive design plan this week.  I'll have a Design board reveal to share next Monday.

Let's all head over to Pinterest and cleanse our palettes of all this "blah", shall we?


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