Monday, January 16, 2012

Nudes Invade the Red Carpet....and Your Home?

Random thoughts from the Golden Globes:

Helen Mirren is one foxy lady.......Owen Wilson is morphing into a Jodie Foster lookalike at an alarming rate.......Bryan Cranston and Breaking Bad were robbed...Angelina Jolie vants to suck your blood...Diane Lane brought it...Christopher Plummer saying the beauty of his wife of 40 years still "haunts" him = awwww.....are these two a couple??...George Clooney = definition of dashing.

While there were some truly stunning uses of bold color at last night's Golden Globes (Emma Stone, Dianna Agron and Tina Fey) for me, the nudes were the real showstoppers.

Nudes and soft blushes looked amazing on blondes and raven-haired beauties alike:


Absolutely amazing nude lace:

I loved it best when paired with a bit of black:

{Red Carpet Photos above Via Eonline}

I'm undecided on this dress (seems like a lot going on for such a tiny woman) but I do love the blush and black lace. 


Just in case you were wondering, the answer is "Yes", a nude or blush palette translates into some really dreamy interiors:







I think I've found a new color scheme for my office/studio.

Did you watch?  Who do you think rocked it and who totally bombed?


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