Thursday, February 16, 2012

Get the Look: The New Girl's Adorkable Style

I tried really hard to resist the unapologetic adorableness that is Zooey Deschanel's "Jess" on The New Girl.  I really did!  In the end, her quirky charm sucked me in and made a true believer outta of me.  She is every bit as endearing as you've heard. I know, I know. You can only handle so much "gee golly folks!".  I am right there with ya.

What keeps the show from being a one-note play on, "Aw shucks, ain't I as cute as a basket full of kittens" is that at times Jess says unexpectedly inappropriate things.  "Why don'tcha come over here and show me your little caboose!?" or my favorite: "I'm gonna split you like a LOOOG!!"  Use that one next time you're trying to create a certain mood with your fella. 

Plus, the girl has some seriously eclectic style.  Her outfits walk the line between 60's pop, granny chic and accidental sexy.

I imagine her home would look like a mash-up of these images:

Bold use of many colors all at once, bright and cheery and a little random with a nod to midcentury style. The only thing missing is polka dots.  She rocks a lot of polka dots.

Some pieces to choose from should you decide to get this quirky look yourself:

{table, sofa, hanging chair, art, rug, kidney pillow, cocktail table, pouf, tiger pillow}


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