Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Project Fatigue and Renewed Enthusiasm

Don't you just love when you make a random stop at a store and end up finding just the right motivation to keep going on your latest project?

The one that at times seems so overwhelming...

The one that feels like you'll never make any measurable progress in.....

The one that you wish was freaking finished already!

Until one glorious day, you happen upon a find that on its own is far from exciting but finding it....well it can reignite a quickly fading spark of inspiration.

For me the store was Ikea and the find was two kidney pillows.

Those fold lines will disappear after a little ironing

Green velvet kidney pillows!! So perfect!!

This room is far from finished (I still have to paint for Pete's sake!) but getting something so simple that works so perfectly in my palette is still very exciting.  After realizing I'd have to rework my plans for upholstering the headboard I was feeling a little bummed out about the whole endeavor. These pillows were just the project pick-me-up that I needed to keep going!

I think I've even found just the right paint color for the room.

Dunn Edwards "Cloud"
Today I'll put this burst of enthusiasm to good use by filling in nail holes, sanding and cleaning the walls so they are good and ready for painting next week. B will undoubtedly appreciate that I am actually prepping the walls rather than speeding full steam ahead to slapping paint on them. Ha!

Kate from Centsational Girl just posted a really great write-up all about brass hardware - how to recognize and care for the real thing and how to fake it if yours is brass plate.  I'm heading upstairs with my magnet right now to test out her method on these pulls.

So tell me, have you ever lost the love for a project you were once so excited about?  How did you rekindle the flame?


  1. Gah! - I'm crushin on velvet pillows! I've been thinking about making a few with velvet fronts and canvas backs.. a la west elm.... you're fueling my DIY bug Sarah!

    1. Oh do it! And you gotta let me see them when you're done!


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