Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Favorite Room

Happy Friday to you all! I hope you have something fabulous planned for the weekend.  I'll be doing a little dog/house sitting for some very good friends while they yuck it up in Vegas (jealous!). Fortunately, they live on the complete opposite side of the valley from me, so this feels like a mini staycation for me.  Oh and they have a pool and they've fully stocked the place with all sorts of delicious eats and adult beverages. 

And, there's only one dog to walk each day. One. Dog. That alone has put me in full on vacation mode.

It's going to be a gooooood weekend.

I'm ridiculously easy to please.

So I've been really really obsessed with this bathroom all week. 


Those marble herringbone floors are rocking my world, that chandelier is outrageously beautiful and the antiqued mirror doors could not be more gorgeous.

Do you love it?

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend!


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