Monday, March 12, 2012

Mad About Fabric: Spoonflower

One of my very favorite things about blogs is that they open up a whole new world of designers and products that otherwise, would get very little notoriety at all.  Blogging and social media sort of level out the playing field a bit, making it easier for independent creatives to gain the exposure their work deserves. I adore fabric from the major fabric houses but it's great to know that there is a way to see and purchase work from textile designers that aren't household names.....yet.

Over the weekend, I stumbled onto Spoonflower, a textile company that (in their words) "makes it possible for individuals to design, print and sell their own fabric designs".  The result, as you might imagine is a wiiiiide variety of patterns and styles all at extremely reasonable prices. I want swatches of EVERYTHING!

I spent hours this weekend looking at page after page and I feel like I've only scratched the surface.

I was especially drawn to this watercolor style collection called "Garden Lark".

I really want to use this one below on a pair of Bergere chairs:

I love the watery, dreamy quality of these fabrics! The designer of this collection, Vivian Ducas also has a beautiful blog that shows even more of her work. I'll be spending some time perusing all the products I can buy with her designs on them. There's nothing that makes me happier than accidentally stumbling upon some truly amazing textile goodness!

Some of my other Spoonflower favorites:

This malachite fabric is most certainly on order! The only question is do I get it on silk, cotton or upholstery weight twill?  That's right - you can pick the type of fabric to have it printed on. Pretty fantastic!!

If it's hard for you to visualize how a particular fabric would look on say, a chair don't sweat it. Spoonflower often displays project photos shared by customers. 

Although this post may sound like it, it is in no way sponsored by Spoonflower or anyone else. If it were, please trust that I would state that openly and honestly. I have no issues doing sponsored posts for companies and products that I truly believe in but this isn't one of em! Today, I'm just sharing my enthusiasm with ya because I feel like it is so important to support creative-driven companies (that also use eco-friendly printing processes, hello!) like this one. 

As with any newly discovered infatuation, I'm kind of obsessed with all things Spoonflower


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  3. Hi Sarah Elizabeth,

    Well I just stumbled on your beautiful blog. Thanks for including my watercolor samplers here and send your fans my way. I really would love to also see beautiful Bergere chairs splattered C'EST LA VIV style !
    btw: no request is too small for custom designs for your home & garden fashions. Send me a note via C'EST LA VIV™ is a creative boutique, a brand and a beautiful mess!

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