Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coastal Estate in My Head

Each day, Phoenix temperatures are creeping ever closer to the dreaded triple digit marks. It's barely Spring and I'm having a hard time enjoying 80 degrees because I know that with 80 comes 90 and it's only a matter of weeks before 100, and inevitably 110, is here to stay. In our house this means dog walks at 4am, the only time the sidewalks and surrounding air are "cool" enough to venture outside.

For an interior designer in Phoenix, it means schlepping from one appointment to another in a vehicle that never truly cools off inside. It also means you're constantly reapplying deodorant and that you always have a back up top. It's as delightful as it sounds.

I love living in Arizona, I really do but I absolutely detest the summers here.

I'll get through it this year the way I always do, homemade mango margaritas and practically moving in with friends who have backyard pools. There's also the whining and the complaining.

Oh and dreaming of the coastal estate I someday hope to have.  A rustic, casually elegant home with an ocean view that I can escape to half of the year and pretend that 115 doesn't really exist.

I'm thinking the foyer would look a little something like this:

The furnishings would be an eclectic mix of high (mirror, chandelier) and low (the rug is recycled denim from West Elm!) and the palette would be airy neutrals with wood tones and blue being the only accent.

How gorgeous would these light, rustic oak floors be in my coastal estate? Seriously.

The best thing about this coastal estate in my head? You can all come over and stay as long as you like! I'm pretty sure there are plenty of bedrooms (and mango margaritas!) for everyone. I'll make sure to design it that way. I've got all summer to dream up each and every room!


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