Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

How was your weekend?  Around here, the weekend flew by way too fast but I did manage to snap a couple photos of the goings on.

I scored a couple of new lamps for the guest room and they're getting a hit of white paint.  I'm trying my hardest to be patient and apply multiple light coats rather than aiming for 100% coverage in one fell swoop. Hopefully I can avoid dreaded drips this time.

You may notice that I'm doing the painting in the far back corner of the yard.  B has permanently banished me from conducting anymore spray painting in the garage.  The variety of colors that have been over-sprayed on the floor of said garage tells the sordid history of my DIY escapades. I once had to scrape red over-spray off the windshield of his truck so I guess he has a valid point.

While I was in the backyard painting I noticed things are starting to bloom.

This may look like a certain herb but it's only a Vitex plant.

Ahhhh orange blossoms in bloom!  There is nothing like the sweet fragrance of orange blossoms!  It is pure heaven!

I also managed to finish sewing the drapery panels in the guest room and I'm in love!

We capped off the weekend by grilling steaks (which came out amazing and although I fully intended to be the one doing the actual grilling I was immediately disqualified when I failed to remove the old ashes before adding new charcoal. Geez! I never claimed to be Bobby Flay.) and catching up on the new episode of Mad Men. 

Sidebar: Did anyone else enjoy watching Joan kick "Dr Rape-y" to the curb?  It's so good to see her stand up for herself again!  Also, do you think that sleeping pill for Sally will be her gateway into her drug-fueled teenage years as a hippy?

Back to the steaks.

Have a great day guys!  I'm heading out to pick up some trims for pillows and lampshades. See ya back here on Wednesday.


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