Monday, October 18, 2010

The Other Sarah

I don’t watch very many design/decorating shows on TV for many reasons that will all make me sound like an incredible design snob. However, there is one show that I can honestly say I don’t just watch but I purposely seek it out week after week and I thoroughly enjoy every single moment.

I LOVE Sarah’s House! I love it, love it, love it! I love Sarah Richardson’s show so much in fact that I’ve watched multiple repeats of nearly every episode ever made, on purpose. God I sound like such a slobbering groupie. I’m actually a little embarrassed for myself right now.  My insane amount of enthusiasm aside, it happens to be a great show with a really talented and creative designer at the helm.

Have you checked out Sarah’s House on HGTV yet? If not, make a point to watch it soon because she’s not just an incredibly talented designer with fantastic style but Sarah and her fellow designer Tommy are hi-larious! Seriously! They are ridiculously enjoyable to watch! Design talent and witty personalities to boot, who knew?

If you’ve never seen an episode of Sarah’s House, here is the basic premise: Sarah buys a property in serious need of an update. Season one was a midcentury home and season two is a country farmhouse. She snaps them up then gets to work designing every last detail. From the more mundane plumbing and electrical work to the deliciously fun stuff like custom draperies and accessories, she fully designs and furnishes these homes from top to bottom. It’s a designer’s dream.

As a designer, what I really eat up is the chance to see her design process in action. Watching an entire room emerge from an inspirational fabric or piece of furniture is way too much fun. While she commissions custom pieces and uses really high-end vendors, Sarah and Tommy are not above shopping at IKEA or rejuvenating a thrift store find with really great bones.

Proof that a nursery can be hip. 
P.S. I have those drapery panels - they're IKEA.

Pink can be sophisticated!

So many graphics and that luscious green velvet, ugh it's just fabulous!

Can I live in this world please? Seriously, how do I get a dream job like that where I have the cash to snap up a great property and fill it with all the things I love? I’ll even learn to pronounce things in that adorable Canadian accent if that’s what it takes.

Alright, that's enough gushing over a celebrity designer for one day.  I feel dirty.


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