Thursday, November 4, 2010

Designer - Design Thyself!

As a frequent troller and admirer of several DIY blogs, I often wonder just where those industrious types find the time to actually do all of the projects they’re always blogging about.  And why are they throwing a newly completed project in my face every other day?

Ok, that last part is crazy-jealous me talking - rational me knows they’re not actually throwing anything in my face.  Maybe in the face of an evil teacher from design school but not my face.
Looking back on this blog of mine so far, I realize that all I’ve done is talk.  I have yet to post a single (successful) DIY project of my own!  WTF Sarah? 

It’s not inspiration or ideas that I lack.  At any given moment I usually have ideas for several potential projects floating around inside my head.  I’ve even gone so far as to purchase supplies for a few but I just haven’t bitten the bullet and actually started any of them yet.  You know why? 

I like to waste money? 

Nope.  I have commitment issues.

Ask a group of designers/decorators and many will tell you that it is a million times easier to design for someone else than it is for yourself.  You tend not to be as emotionally or financially attached to someone else’s house or belongings. Of course you don’t design in an unattached manner, but being less sentimental, (about an existing paint color, the sofa inherited from grandma or a chair that really isn’t working in the room but god it’s SO comfortable and you’ve had it forever) certainly helps to get a decision made without all the namby pamby hand-wringing.

Well, it is time for me to stop admiring and start doing.

In an attempt to get over these commitment issues I am publicly calling myself out.  This Sunday I will finally start the upholstered headboard for my guest bedroom.
I will go to the fabric store and I will buy that damned, expensive foam! 

I will go to the home improvement store and I will buy some wood! 

I will commit to a fabric!

And most importantly - I. Will. Build.

Stay tuned folks!


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