Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Finds on Etsy

Boy, it’s been a super busy week!  What with work, dogs, DIY projects and icky, looming homework that I can’t possibly procrastinate on any longer, or can I?  What’s a girl to do when all the “have to do’s” gang up on her?   
Why, spend a little time on Etsy of course! 

I find drooling over gorgeous things, for which I have no practical need, to be a really fantastic way to de-stress.  I highly recommend it when a little healthy procrastination is just what you need to get your focus back. 

 A few of my favorite finds this evening:

Super pretty and romantic headpiece from Liason

Sweet and cozy cashmere handwarmers from Adventures of Jrs

The perfect winter-white coat from Yellow Cake

Amazing Onyx & hand-crocheted metal necklace from Orithadads

Absolutely dreamy, Mouna Crystal headband from Love Berman

The HOTTEST suede platform boots from Lauro Righi

Corset Bangle from Akino Jewelery Shop

And SHAPOW! - Channeling Joan Holloway in draw-dropping Clover Corset from Waisted Corset

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!  Make sure you check in on Monday for a "Ta-da!  I finished my headboard!" post here on Monday. 


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