Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Monday!

This weekend was so relaxing yet somehow it still managed to go by in a blur.  The boyfriend and I had such a great day on Saturday, dinking around the tiny town of Jerome, Arizona.  In its heyday, Jerome was a booming mining town (full of miners and the women who kept them company, if you catch my drift).  These days it's an artsy community full of galleries, touristy shops, retired hippies and wineries.  

We spent the day meandering in and out of random shops and galleries, tasting delicious wines and taking way too many pictures of decaying buildings.  If you are ever in the area, Jerome is a really friendly and laid-back town that makes for a pretty low-key day trip. There are plenty of period details to photograph if you're into that sort of thing and clearly I am.

The weekend wasn't all crisp, mountain air and relaxation however.  There was that little business about a headboard I promised.  Well, I am happy (relieved is more like it!) to report that I have made some very exciting progress on this project!  All of my wood is cut to size and awaiting foam, fabric and nailhead trim.  I'm aiming to have something photo-worthy to show you later on in the week. 

Also on the posting calendar for this week: ideas for granite-alternatives to kitchen countertops, perhaps an envelope pillow tutorial along with updates on my headboard project and whatever else catches my eye in the world of interior design.



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