Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sarah Elizabeth Featured!

If you haven't already stumbled upon Better After on your daily blog roll, now is the time to get with it and check out this fun and inspiring blog.  It's full of DIY projects by regular people and bloggers from all over showing off their latest and greatest projects.  Better After is a really great place to get inspired to do some serious thrifting and refinishing of your own.  Spend a few hours there and you'll find yourself looking around your own house to see what you can repaint, refinish or reupholster. 
The best part of Better After? - Not having to scroll through an entire tutorial or post before you get to the really good stuff - the befores and afters!  Oh and while you're there, be sure to check out a sweet little post about a certain dining table refinishing project by uh, your's truly.  
Thanks for the feature Lindsey - I am honored to be on your blog!

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  1. Sweet That's awesome to be featured! The table looks Great too , I love those Amazing finds, Diamonds in the rough are my Favorite:)


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