Monday, January 24, 2011

Unexpected Find

Did you all have a good weekend?  I had an unexpectedly great weekend, due in part to some serious sleeping in on Sunday but mostly to an incredible "find" I stumbled upon Saturday.

After lunch with one of my sisters and her 3 impossibly blond and blue-eyed babes we hit the town for a little shopping.  By "town" I mean downtown Mesa, Arizona (represent!) and by shopping I mean thrift stores and antique malls where overly-sensitive sales staff, not-so-subtly eyeballed the curious hands of my two little nieces.  It was all I could do to say "Step off sister and quit giving us the stink-eye.   If they break anything we'll buy it.  Now you go have an antacid and RELAX!"

One store I am adding to any Phoenician's list of must-see's is Found.  If you like rustic, reclaimed, cottage-y, feminine style you have to check it out. You. Will.  Love.  It. 

Even if you that style isn't your thing, go anyway!  It is just that gorgeous a store that it warrants a trip.  You will find yourself "oohing" and "ahhing" at every turn, I promise!  Plus, there's a birdcage with real birds in it!  How many home decor stores have that going on?  The girls there were really sweet to my nieces and even complemented Carsyn's bag so that puts them in the "A-ok" category for me.  So thank you girls at Found!

Onto my find.  I wasn't really planning on buying anything but I turned a corner and found this:

Well, hello gorgeous.  Behind that hideous 80's fabric on your cushions I can see your Mid-Century, Danish beauty and I appreciate it.  It's a real shame you had to end up here in this forsaken strip mall wearing that unfortunate fabric, but cheer up because I'm going to make it all better. 

I talked myself out of buying it on Saturday but couldn't stop yapping about it for the rest of the day then woke up talking about it still on Sunday.  Taking that as a sign,  I borrowed the boyfriend's pickup, schlepped it back over to Mesa and brought her home. 

Lesson learned, 'tis better to buy on impulse then to deny oneself and make an unnecessary trip the following day!

The frame and cushions are in tip-top shape so I'll get some new covers made or maybe I'll try my hand at that for the first time ever - we'll see.  Fabric wise I'm thinking something simple and more authentic.  The wood tone is beautiful and I don't want a dramatic fabric to take the attention away from it or the architecture of the chair. A little research is in order to find out what these types of chairs were originally covered in.

Any ideas?


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