Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back on Track

It's so good to be back on the blog!  The last week or so at work has been really busy and while I had every intention of posting on several occasions, at the end of each day I found myself completely tapped out on energy and sadly, inspiration.  It happens! 
For those of you out there who don't know me personally, in addition to blogging I have a full-time design job at a firm that specializes in model homes.  It's fun, challenging and satisfying but it can also be extremely exhausting, both physically and mentally.....and I love it.
Last weekend I did manage an excursion to a couple of vintage shops in the Melrose District of Central Phoenix.  I didn't end up coming home with any goodies but here are a few things that caught my eye:

 The chair - not the extension cord.  If I had my way, I'd recover this guy above in a well-worn caramel-colored leather.  So dreamy!

You can't see the base too well, thanks to these being cellphone photos and all, but the chairs above have a shiny, chrome base.  I love the 80's style Art Deco-ish-ness of them but they could really use a new fabric to make them the showstoppers they deserve to be.

For you lovers of all things french and girly, a sweet pair of chairs that need some love.  They looked to be in great condition and the tag said "Drexel".  Nothing wrong with them that some new upholstery and a fresh coat of paint or stain wouldn't fix!

These pendants made really great shadows and would look uh-mazing above a couple of nightstands or flanking a sofa.

Such a great lamp, and that shade!  Are you kidding me??!  There is something about a black shade that is so glamorous. 

After Retro Ranch, I headed over to Cucumbers - a place with so many nooks and crannies that although I was there for over an hour I am sure there were rooms I somehow missed.  If you're looking for architectural salvage items (doors, windows, old signs, and doorknobs galore) you will love this place. They have a lot of "junk" with great potential.  I really want to find a great, old door that I can turn into a cocktail table.  When I'm in the mood to take that on, I know exactly where to turn.

It's gray and rainy in Phoenix this weekend so my plans are to stay close to home and complete a lamp makeover (check back Monday for the finished product!).  Although I would love to be doing this instead.  I hope you all have a happy, three-day weekend!


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