Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Signs From the Universe

In Saturday's post I included a photo of a chair I had spied at a local antique store and mentioned that I thought it would be pretty fantastic to see it recovered in a "well-worn, caramel-colored leather".  Here's a quick refresher:

Well, the very next day I was flipping through an issue of Elle Decor and the very first ad, inside the cover is a full page photo of this:

Gorgeous, right?  Well it should be - it's from Ralph Lauren Home.  Now, I could try to flatter myself by assuming the universe is DEFINITELY trying to tell me something.  Something big.  This must obviously mean I have the same incredible taste, sense of style and trendsetting ways as Mr. Ralph Lauren.  Right?

So I let myself go down that road of delusion a littIe and indulge myself just a teensy, weeeeensy bit with a fantasy that begins a few years down the road.  

A fantasy wherein I'm designing my very own line of stylishly unaffordable, luxury furniture and three-hundred-dollar a yard fabrics (and that's just for solids people, patterns are obviously more).  All the top-rated designers are obsessing over my products and using them in the homes of their rich & famous celebrity clients.  The mills can't keep up with the demand.  There will be backorders the likes of which have never been seen for "House of Sarah" fabrics!  Good luck getting your hands on even a memo by H.O.S while they are still hot! Take a number, decorator!!  Oh, my empire will be glorious!

This fantasy lasts only as long as it takes for me to think to myself, "Hmm..I wonder when this issue came out".  I flip back to the front cover to reveal the date of my Elle Decor, the one that started my imaginary empire and read: "November 2006". Oh yeah, I'm setting trends like Ralph alright.  Just 4 years later. 

Call me crazy, but I still believe that the universe was trying to tell me something.  And that something is this: 

"It's time to get rid of all those old magazines Sarah."


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