Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekend Project - Kidney Pillows

I started seriously learning to sew about a year ago, several months or so after my boyfriend's grandmother so sweetly gave me her sewing machine.  It's in perfect condition and came with all the little tools and even the original manual included.  Good thing his grandmother was so organized and held onto everything because each time I have to remove, rewind and replace the bobbin I have to go to that manual.  Every. Single. Time. 

Saturday I decided to try making a couple of kidney pillows for our family room and despite my persistent issues with sewing straight lines, they came out really well!  I was so over-the-moon giddy about how well they turned out that I spent the rest of the night sighing and fussing over them like a proud new mama.  "I made you!"

 The down inserts I got on the cheap from the clearance aisle at HomeGoods.  They had some really beat up covers on them originally and I almost didn't give them a second thought until I realized the inserts were down.  10 bucks a piece for 12" x 22" down inserts and I already had the perfect fabric to cover them in?  Sold!

I made these with your basic knife edge (welts are next on my list of sewing techniques to try and master) and envelope closure.  For any other newbie sewers seamsters sewing enthusiasts out there, I followed the instructions in "Sew Everything".  The author, Diana Rupp, makes it so easy and takes you step-by-step through the process.  It's a really great book for beginners like me because it doesn't gloss over those minor yet very important details that other sewing books figure you must already magically know. 

You might be wondering why there are no pictures of these pillows on the sofa they were made for.  Good question.  The answer to that is forthcoming in a future post tentatively titled, "Confessions of an Interior Designer".  Stay tuned!


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