Monday, January 31, 2011

Painter's Dropcloths: AKA Poor Man's Linen

It has finally happened.  Those crazy-creative, queens of all things DIY out in "blog land" are at it again and this time....this time they just might convert me to their evil, crafty ways.  I've said it before - crafty just ain't my thing.  Using hot glue to attach trim to drapery or welting to a chair?  Sorry but I just can't do it.  It feels cheap and so.....wrong.  Maybe when I was in my first apartment and had absolutely no budget I would have felt ok about crafty.  Now that I'm a little older, the budget is a little better and my goal now is to obtain a signature style with pieces that I want to hold on to for years to come.  

For me, that doesn't lend itself to crafty, heavy on the glue gun and spray paint, solutions.

I know it probably makes me sound like a snobby designer but I just can't imagine hot glue holding up in the long run.  If I was having someone over and the welting suddenly came undone from my chairs or beaded trim began dropping off my curtains, I'd wrap that glue gun cord around my neck and end it all because really, it's just not possible to recover from that kind of humiliation. Alright, I'm being a little dramatic but you get my point.  

While I'm dying to recover the nasty 80's cushions on my Danish, mid-century chair  I'd rather save my pennies until I can afford a higher quality fabric or the services of a professional workroom. 

But then " The Dropcloth as Fabric Revolution of 2010" came along. Some DIY-er somewhere in the Midwest (I don't know for sure where he/she is from but I think the midwest is renowned for being super crafty and insanely thrifty and I'm making an educated guess) had the thought to pick up a couple of painter's dropcloths and try them out as window covering.  Then another crafty lady decided to one-up that bee-yotch by REUPHOLSTERING A CHAIR with this "Poor Man's Linen". drapery?  Sounds crazy right?  I thought so too and then I followed link after link from blog after blog to projects like these:

Dropcloth Upholstery

Dropcloth Chair

I have to admit...I'm intrigued by the idea (and impressed by these pictures!) but still a little skeptical.  While it has a nice texture and I get the whole Pottery Barn and Ballard-ness of the look, they're still drop cloths.  Would people see them hanging in your home and think "Oh that poor, little thing.  No one has the heart to tell her she's got dropcloths hanging in her parlor".   

What do you guys think about this DIY trend?  Is it pure genius or a little too "Scarlet O'Hara making a dress out of her mother's drapes" for you? 


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