Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Recent Acquisitions and an Unfortunate Incident

After having been in the market for a new area rug for our Family Room, my search had finally come to a very happy end.  Like all good bargain-hunter stories mine too begins with "a random trip to HomeGoods".  My new rug was the last one on the rack and everything about it was perfect.  Nice and big (8x11), made of 100% hand-knotted wool, nice plush pile and a modern geometric pattern to boot.  Although the price tag was a teensy bit more than I wanted to spend ($300.00), I've learned my lesson about hemming and hawing over silly things like prices at HomeGoods and I snatched it right up.  You make a few trips, you learn some things. 
Mainly this:  Don't be a bonehead and talk yourself out of buying something you really love thinking that if it was meant to be, it'll be marked down cheaper next time you come back.  There is no "next time".  Get it now, thank me later.
So, my rug. It's a Calvin Klein rug that retails for about $1200.00 which makes me pretty pleased with what I paid for it.
All was well and good with our new rug until yesterday.  I had to run out a few hours for work and made my usual efforts at "puppy proofing" the house. This involves picking up all the accent pillows and generally putting everything bite-sized and/or shreddable where it can't be reached.  Except, silly me, I forgot to roll up and hide the area rug!  Are you sensing my sarcasm at how ridiculous it is that this is a consideration?  Yeah so, I came home to this:
That's right.  Someone flipped over the rug and pulled out the fibers.  Who would do such a thing you ask?

The Prime Suspect - "Crabby Abby"

She's blurry because her energy levels are so high that she physically vibrates when trying to sit still.  Luckily, I can flip the rug around so the damaged side is under the sofa.  Oh Abby, you are so SO lucky that 99% of the time you are such a sweet, funny and loving girl.  I've chosen to forgive her because I'm pretty sure her tail wags that night meant "I'm so very sorry!". 

Onto the goodies!

A few random pieces of glass I picked up at a Salvation Army. 

Not sure yet what I'll use them for but aren't they cute??  My boyfriend just loves this explanation.  Especially as my thrifted goodies threaten to take over certain areas of the house.

I'm pretty sure these sandals I picked up from are going to become my staple footwear for the summer.  So much so that I need to go online and get them in the other two colors.  The heel is super high but they are incredibly comfortable!

Have you ever stopped into one of Habitat for Humanity's "Re-Store" locations?  You should. It's pretty fantastic.  They have an assortment of plumbing fixtures, building materials (doors, windows), appliances and lamps & chandeliers galore.  I picked up this sexy lady and I am utterly smitten.

Did I need it?  No but I needed it.  That shade is just......unreal.  Sort of a metallic, tortoise shell finish that I just couldn't leave it there.   I don't know where it will go, if I'll leave the base as-is or try to work a little magic on it.  You know, I actually don't even know if the lamp works!  hmm.  The thought never actually occured to me.  I was completely blinded by the stunning beauty of that shade (that shade!!) that I couldn't have care less about whether it works or not!  Ha!

What do you guys think I should do with this base?  Paint it (what color?) or leave it?



  1. What a fabulous blog, Sarah Elizabeth! Humor and design rolled into one... with a slice of puppy love! I am now a huge fan!
    Susann Colleen Miller

  2. I'm on the fence, I want to say leave it, but there is always an adventurous side that says, PAINT IT!!! Which ever you choose, I can't wait to read about it! Just keep it out of reach of Miss Abby!

  3. Ah! I would have died, I'm pretty sure Millie snatched up one of my new chuck t's cause I can't find it anywhere. Hmm, I actually like the base the way it is which is rare i'm usually all for painting something:)


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