Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stylish Outdoor Living

Who says outdoor living has to involve wicker, tiki torches and palm-frond ceiling fans?  Seriously, let me know who makes up these crazy rules because boy oh boy, they're in for a rude awakening!  If you wouldn't put that one-style-fits-all furniture in the interior of your home, why should you have to settle when it comes to the exterior?  I say sophisticated style shouldn't have to end at the sliding glass door.   

Luckily, furniture designers and retailers have really stepped it up with outdoor furniture, fabrics and accessories that appeal to the increasingly stylish masses.   Wingback outdoor chair?  No problem.  Pretty fabrics with a nice hand that don't look straight-outta-palm-beach?  Check. 

Recently I spent some time online searching for outdoor furniture with gobs of style for the glamour-puss in all of us.  Were budget no option, I'd go for a high end look using a mix of metals like this:

Yes, it really is all outdoor furniture!  The round, dining table is made of galvanized metal and the wing chairs are a poly-something or other and both are indoor/outdoor friendly.  A few more things caught my eye during my search:

From the top: West Elm, Viva Terra and the last two are B&B Italia.

Who knew outdoor living could be so fabulous? 


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