Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Feature: Imbibing & Inspiring!

It's funny how inspiration for a post can be found practically anywhere.  My inspiration for today's post came courtesy of some issues Blogger was having all day yesterday. I had intended to post a reveal of my DIY art project but alas, IT issues happen.  I realize that I could post the reveal today but that would deprive my fabulous readers of "Imbibing & Inspiring" and since I really want this to be a weekly feature, the art reveal will have to wait.  Onto the imbibing!

In the spirit of maddening IT issues, vendors sending a replacement chair leg in the wrong finish (grr!) and the complete lack of patience I have for running errands in 98 degree weather, the theme for this Friday Feature is "Seeing Red".  My good friend Sangria will be joining us as we are inspired by some gorgeous, red rooms

Red is my absolute favorite color but do I have even the tiniest bit of it in my home?  Nope.  Not a speck of red to be found here.  Red can be notoriously difficult to work with.  It can go way too....everything!  Way too country, way too bright, way too dark, way too traditional, way too modern.  You get the picture.

The rooms with red that I tend to really love are the ones designed with the power of red in mind.  I think you have to use it in smart ways and with a light touch.  My personal "Don'ts" when it comes to using red (these are just my own personal opinions):

1.  No red walls - for me it is just too strong for wall color and everything else in the space is lost.
2. No chickens, no roosters, no farm animals. 
3. No gingham
4. No black trim- unless a bordello theme is what you're going for
5. No bright white - this combo creates a lot of contrast and while it looks very dynamic in photos, it can be quite jarring in person

These rooms do a really fantastic job of using red.  You'll notice, in particular, the lack of ceramic farm animals.

See what I mean?  Notice how creams and beige are used instead of super-white whites?  This combination works so much better because the red is working with the other colors rather than being the attention grabber.  Red anything will stand out in a space simply because it is red so it doesn't need any help from bright whites to make it extra "contrast-y" and in your face. 

Think of red as that super-pretty girl in your group of girlfriends.  She's gorgeous no matter how fat she says she's feeling today and acts shocked (absolutely shocked!) at all the attention that gets thrown her way for merely existing.  You all know exactly who I'm talking about, don't you?  If you don't, you either ARE that girl or you haven't had a girls night out in a really long time. 

So get bold and give red a try if you love it.  Even if your kind of red only comes in a bottle.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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