Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CraigsEasy Button - Genius!

Maybe you've already found the CraigsEasy button but maybe not, so I thought I'd share it with you.  I stumbled onto it (probably through another blog I'm sure!) about a year ago and it is only slightly overstating things to say CraigsEasy will change your life.

Not in the "Oh! I suddenly have two extra hours every day that I can now devote to saving the rainforest.  Thanks CraigsEasy!" way.  But if you're prone to spending long hours trolling Craigslist or Ebay for those creepy Precious Moments figurines or paint sprayers (ahem!) you need this button!

This ingenious bugger takes that long list of search results and puts them all on one page IN PICTURES!  No more clicking on link after link in order to see the picture - they're all there without any further clicking.  See?

Not really life-changing but it makes searching Craigslist or Ebay so much faster and more convenient.  All you do is follow this link and save the button to your favorites.  The next time you're searching for more figurines, to fill the void that cats just don't seem to be filling anymore, put in your search criteria and after you get your results click the "Easy" link in your Favorites and all the results pop up in pictures.  

Pretty fantastic right?  

Thanks guys for all the feedback on the paint color for my new cocktail table.  I think I've narrowed it down to two options and your thoughts definitely helped me make up my mind.  I'm giving myself until the end of the week to make the final selection.  Stay tuned to find out what color she'll be!

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