Monday, September 5, 2011

Etsy Art

Happy Holiday everyone!  Are you one of the lucky who actually gets today off or are you slaving away like today is just another Monday?  Since I'm self-employed I suppose this could be a holiday for me if I really want it to be (LOVE that part of this whole gig!) but when you're self-employed there really isn't such a thing as paid holiday.  No worky = no earny!
Lately I've been noticing how I have a lot of empty wall space around the house and most of the art I do have consists of mirrors and photos of family & friends.  Hardly exciting or inspiring stuff, design-wise.  So I started trolling one of my favorite places to source inexpensive and one of a kind art - good ole Etsy folks!

Affordable and even downright cheap prices on beautiful paintings, illustrations and photography that proves great art can be budget friendly without being mass produced.  There's something for nearly everyone to love.  

I think these would be great in a nursery:

Source for three above 

Or an older child's room:

Source for the three above

Really pretty figurative art:



If photography is your thing, there's plenty of that too:

Source for the three above

The vintage, beach photography from this shop is killing me!  I'd love to see the three below in a really large format, maybe even as wall murals.  Such a cool vibe!

All of the examples I've shown you today are under $40.00 each and most are under $30.00.  Of course that's only for the actual print so figure the cost of framing into the final price.  Still, when all is said and done, shopping Etsy for art is a great alternative for inexpensive art that isn't likely to end up in all of your friend's homes too!


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