Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dressing Area Reveal!

I know it's technically night and "today" is almost over on the East coast but I'm finally ready for the reveal I promised would be unveiled today.  In what has become a common disclaimer on this blog - please forgive the photography skills.  I'm working on educating myself on how to use my camera, create proper lighting and compose a shot.  Skills that all take some time to learn, let alone master.  But I'm working on it!  If you're looking for some great tips on taking better photos, check out my favorites here and here.

Excuse-making is the sweet, little dressing area I created for myself in our master closet:

The frame is a thrifted find that was empty when I bought it but because of it's large size and thickness (and super cheap price tag - $1.50!) I snatched it right up even though I had no need for it at the time.  That's a key component to thrifting success - though you may think you have no use for it, if it's cheap enough and you can reallllly see yourself using it in the not-to-distant future - snap that baby up!  Just don't let it get out of hand ok?  Otherwise you'll end up on that hoarders show and that's really gross.

In the frame, I put a piece of foam board that I wrapped with painter's dropcloth and applied nailhead trim all around the edge.  The brown ribbon running horizontally will probably come off soon.  My original thought was that I'd hang jewelry from the ribbon and that it would be really pretty.  But jewelry is heavy and the ribbon just sagged and looked really wimpy.  So I abandoned that idea and used pretty pushpins instead.  

The silver pedestal bowl is also a thrifted find that I spiffed up with a little toothpaste. I talked about that process here

This pretty little cup is one from a set of 6 that is, you guessed it, another thrift store find.
Photo taken at night  and also before I discovered Picnik
 The dresser is the cheapest piece of particle-board crap you can imagine.  And that's being generous. It originally was covered in this paper-thin, faux-oak veneer.  I don't have any "before" photos of it but trust me - it was offensive.  I painted it in Martha Stewart's "Sharkey Grey" (which might just become the new wall color in our bedroom if I can get SOMEONE on board with the idea of painting in the middle of freaking August.  After some new hardware from Lowe's (they have some surprisingly acceptable hardware these days!) I have a decidedly more glamorous version of this chest I like to call "Particle Board Chic".    

I love having this feminine area to get dressed at every morning, it makes the daily routine feel just a little more special. I also love the fact that I spent next to nothing at all on it! 


  1. Love the framed jewelry organizer for its looks and display quality. I currently keep my jewelry in a drawer where they get tangled and are hard to see. This is perfect and I will definitely be making one. Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much Michelle! Good luck with yours. :)


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