Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Clearly I Have a Problem

Today started out innocently enough.  My plan was to do all the shopping for an upcoming post tentatively titled "Thrifting & Antiquing in Central Phoenix".  Basically I planned on spending the day flitting about my favorite thrift stores and antique shops, photographing the goodies and sharing my tips and observations.

The plan did NOT include coming home with anything.  I've got myself on a pretty strict budget and have made a mental contract with myself that I would not, COULD NOT buy aaaanything else until I finish my cocktail table.  

I'm sure by now you can see where this is going.

It all went down in a store that I stopped by on a whim - across the parking lot from a shop I frequent.  I haven't bought much from this store because I feel like it tends to be overpriced.  So when I saw these babies, I was sure they would be too rich for my blood and that I would walk out empty handed and a little sad.

And I was wrong!  So, so wrong!  Check it out:

Could you die?  I mean, come ON!  They were hiding at the back of a table full of a mishmash of lamps and the color caught my eye immediately.  And then the price tag caught my eye.....5 bucks each!  Budget schmudget - I couldn't get them into my cart fast enough.
As I pulled them off the table I could feel a "thrifter's high" beginning to course through my body.  I'll bet it's the same rush that those crazy coupon ladies get when they realize they're going to get all 63 bottles of mustard for just $1.00.  Until they get home and then it's, "What the hell am I going to do with 63 bottles of mustard??".  

Only, these lamps are about a million times better than mustard.  Sorry coupon lady, I win.  
As I was walking up to the register, a lamp under each arm, another shopper warned me, "You'd better not set those down anywhere!".  That's when you know you've really scored - other shoppers threaten to steal your catch right out from under you.
The lamps look really green in the photos but they're actually more blue than they appear.  I couldn't find any kind of label or engraving about who the manufacturer might be. All I can tell is that the cord looks pretty old, maybe 1960's?  I'll have to do more research.  They're in excellent condition, not a ding anywhere and the felt on the bottom of the base is clean and intact.  

I'm planning on rewiring them, once I research how to do that.  It seems like it would be relatively simple, right?  They'll be getting new shades (black shades would be outrageously gorgeous!) and I think ultimately they'll end up as the newest members of my guest room.

I hope to have a post about my favorite places to go thrifting/antiquing for you tomorrow.  I'm thinking it might be a two-parter, I spied a lot of goodies today.  


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