Monday, September 12, 2011

If you are looking for progress photos of my ReStore cocktail table, I'm afraid I'll be disappointing you today.  I've been unexpectedly sidelined by a rather nasty bacteria and spent most of the weekend on my sofa.  Needless to say, the table remains untouched and will have to wait until this weekend.  

I watched a lot of TV while laid up and yesterday that meant a ton of 9/11 coverage.  Which means I spent the day sobbing my eyes out. 10 years later, it still completely devastates me.  It still shocks me that the towers came down, that so few survivors were found in the pile of rubble, that the Pentagon was attacked, that if not for the bravery of those passengers on Flight 93, the Capital building would have been hit.

No one that I know was directly affected and I don't know anyone who knew any of the victims.  So, rather than turning the channel to something "happy", I felt compelled to keep watching.  
To remember.  
To hear about their lives from the people who loved them. 
To hear some stories again and others for the first time.  
To cry for them, to honor their memories by remembering.


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