Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Furniture Roundup - Phoenix Craigslist

Thanks to the CraigsEasy button, I can quickly troll the furniture listings on Phoenix Craigslist several times a week.  I'm never looking for anything specific - just browsing.  I've posted about some of my favorite listings from time to time but a friend recently suggested I make this a regular feature.  And that I include links to the listings so anyone who is interested can easily find the them.  Good idea eh?
One bit of CYA: I have no actual knowledge of the truthfulness of these listings and cannot vouch for accuracy or quality.  I'm just passing along listings that I found interesting.

An 8x10 Jute rug from Pottery Barn (says it is unused and still in package)  for $200.  That's an excellent price for a nice, big rug! 


Really adorable little Mid Century end table for only $40.
Metal Tanker desk for $50 - I can't even begin to tell you what an amazingly cheap price this is - especially if it's authentic and in good condition. These typically sell for much, much more.  Go. Get. It.


One of the cutest desk lamps I've seen in a long time - $40 (obo so you could probably get it for less).  I want this for my studio!  If you buy it - please don't do anything ridiculous like paint it.  If you do - just don't tell me ok?

$325 for all six??? Yes, ALL SIX.  That's $54 per chair folks.  MidCentury dining chairs (4 side, 2 arm) that look to be in really good condition.  Bonus: the fabric doesn't look heinous at all.  Again - don't you dare paint these!

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Chinoiserie  chandelier anyone?  


Imagine this without those goofy shades, some updated bulbs and painted in a really hot color.  Now you've got something really chic.  Something like this:

Or this:

This bar cart is pricey at $360 but it is seriously gorgeous.  Love the brass, love the removable serving tray.  Can't you see yourself in a wiggle dress and bright red lipstick serving martinis from this? 

There you have it - my favorite Craigslist listings from this week.  As of this post, they were all still active listings.  
I'd love to hear if you pick up any of them or anything else you've discovered and revamped on  your own.  

Have a great weekend!


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