Thursday, September 29, 2011

Inspired - No Pretty Pics Today, Sorry

Quick reminder - the deadline to enter the MyMemories Scrapbooking Software giveaway is tonight at midnight (AZ time).  If scrapbooking isn't your cup of tea - this would make a great gift for a friend or family memberCheck yesterday's post for details.

Yesterday was such an uplifting and productive day.  I met with my graphic/web designer, a girl for whom my admiration grows each time she sends me a sample web page, layout or color palette.  She is simply amazing to work with!  Not only is she crazy talented, she has so much excitement and enthusiasm for my budding business.  It totally re-energizes me to keep plugging away, crossing things off my list and getting closer to my dream of having enough design clients to make this full-time work for myself.  
Working from home, (alone on most days) it's all too easy to retreat into my own world and feel like I'm the only one thinking about my business.  It was really great to spend time with someone else who thinks you can do it and who sincerely wants you to succeed.  She has made this entire process of logo creation, website building and branding so much fun and inspiring.  I almost wish I had a second business to create JUST so I could hire her again!  

And that is exactly how I want my clients to feel about working with me.  Excited.  Enthusiastic.  Confident.  Inspired.  Because they know that I see the true potential of their home.  A home they may look at every single day and see only what is wrong - chipped baseboards, dingy carpet, popcorn ceilings and outdated fixtures - missing all the hidden beauty that we'll uncover and magnify together.
My new website for Sarah Elizabeth Interior Design will be up and running soon and I absolutely cannot wait for you to see it.  I am so proud of it!  And I say that, not as a credit to myself (you should have SEEN what I first told her I wanted - thank god it will never see the light of day!) all the credit goes to Ellen - that's her name by the way.  She did exactly what a great designer should do for every client - ask a million questions, really listen to the answers, show them what they asked for but also use her creativity to DESIGN something else that is so completely unique and amazing that it blows what the client thought they wanted right the hell out of the water. 

I really learned the lesson that I think a lot of people need to learn when working with a designer (graphic, interior or otherwise).  You hired them for a reason, you think their portfolio is amazing or a friend worked with them and absolutely loved the results, so why handicap the creativity that you are paying for by clinging so tightly to your own preconceived notions?    Be open, like I was, to something you never in a million years could have dreamed up on your own and you will wind up far, far happier with the end result.  I know I am!
You really never know where inspiration will come from.  Whether it's inspiration for a color scheme, room design, work or life.  Today I'm just grateful for the generosity of another person that has inspired me to be excited about my business all over again.  


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