Friday, September 9, 2011

Things I'm Loving - Friday Edition

Oh goodness, it's Friday already isn't it?  Which, for me, means lots of cleaning, sanding and priming are in my very-near future.  Courtesy (took me three times to get the spelling of that word right!) of this gorgeous guy.   I'm really excited to get started on him though - and since we're supposed to be deluged with rain over the next 48 hours, I'll have no excuses not to get cracking.

I'll have updates on the progress Monday so please check back and see how the cocktail table is coming along.  In the meantime, here are some things I've found online and fallen head-over-heels for:

Absolutely amazing - decorative fretwork panels from Overlays.  Prime and spray them in any color you like and apply them easily (they have a helpful How To video even!) to Ikea furniture, or anything else your heart desires.  They can even do custom sizes for those thrifted goodies.

The new Missoni collection for Target, in stores from September 13 through October 22nd.  I've got my eyes on just a few things:

A new love, a slightly surprising one to me, brass baby!  I think I have Emily Henderson to thank for my recent appreciation for brass.  It used to seem dated to me but when done right, it is glam and seriously legit.  Sidenote: I find my style evolving all the time and these days I'm settling into a style that is less of the espresso wood/transitional look that I used to think was the be-all-end-all and more of a collected, funky, eclectic look.  I think the latter is going to still be current twenty years from now.  All that espresso and tapered leg stuff?  I'm not so sure. 

Back to the brass; I found all these goodies on Craigslist today.  If I knew Brendon wouldn't kill me, I'd steal his truck and go pick up the etagere right this freaking minute!

Lastly, vintage typewriters from Etsy (so fun!):


Have a great weekend everyone!


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