Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reveal: Cocktail Table Color

Well I did it!  I made a decision on what color to paint my new cocktail table!  I have some prep work to do before I can paint it but I'm hoping to start this weekend.  My plan is to take my time sanding, priming and painting.  To get the smoothest finish I'll be using high quality brushes, paint conditioner and applying thin & even coats.  (instead of gooping on thick coats like I usually do!)  Basically I want to get as close to a professional finish as I possibly can, in case I decide to sell it or in case anyone falls in love with it and makes me an offer.  hint hint!

Here's a hint about what the final color will be:

Yes, turquoise!!  I'm so excited to get right down to painting but I'm going to have to force myself to wait until the weekend.  I'll post progress photos along the way as well as links to my favorite tutorials for painting furniture.  

I can't wait to have this finished and sitting in my family room.  I think it's just the shot of color this room needs.  

What do you think about the turquoise?  Do you love it or am I out of my ever-loving mind? 


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