Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Announcing....My Design Business Website!

Today I am pleased, excited, thrilled beyond belief to announce that Sarah Elizabeth Interior Design is officially open for business!!  My new website is now live and I'd love for you to check it out!  

In addition to traditional interior design services, I'm offering edesign services (perfect for anyone who would like my help outside the Phoenix area) as well as design and homestaging consultations.  My focus of course is on mixing vintage and thrifted treasures with great new pieces - you know this girl loves to refinish furniture!  

I am so excited to help others create gorgeous rooms no matter their budget.  My philosophy is that truly liveable spaces that feel like a home, (a stylish and beautiful home mind you!) rather than a sterile design showroom should be within reach for all of us. 

I am happily accepting new clients so please email me for pricing and more information.  I'd love to chat with you about your home!

In case you're wondering, my new website was design by the incredibly talented Ellen of Confetti Me Please.  She is seriously amazing, so if you need branding or web design services give her a shout!

My dream of starting an interior design business actually began a few years ago when I was laid off from my first job in the design industry.  There have been a few starts and stops for my business dreams since then.  Every six months or so I'd buy a domain name, try (unsuccessfully) to build my own website and sheepishly tell people that I was in business for myself.  Inevitably, fear of not having a dependable paycheck along with that evil self-doubt would creep in.  Time and time again I'd freak out and go find a "real" job that offered financial security, healthcare and a 401k.  All good things.  Things I truly miss!

But the more I worked for other people, putting my own dreams on the back burner, the more I felt that something was missing in my life.  I turn 36 this year and while that is still relatively young, I didn't want to waste another year not pursuing that goal of being my own boss.  

While I absolutely love high-end residential design (hello Osborne & Little and A.Rudin!), my heart lies in bringing out the hidden beauty of pieces that people already own and searching for "diamonds in the rough" at local antique & secondhand shops. I love combining those pieces with higher-end investment pieces! I was having no luck at all finding a design firm to work for that shared my philosophy of mixing new with vintage.  

To some of those firms, that sort of thing was beneath their caliber of work.  "Shopping at Goodwill and antique malls?  Ew!"  To me, that's what gives a home charm and character.  It also makes the services of a professional interior designer more affordable for more people.  Sounds like a no-brainer to me!  It became clear to me that in order to do the type of work I loved, I'd have to push through the fear and give business ownership an "all or nothing" try.

So here I am today, all revved up and ready to go!  If you are interested in design services, email me!  I understand that if you read this blog, you may be more of a DIY-er when it comes to your own home and that's fabulous!  I hope I can give you gobs of inspiration as you beautify your home.  

However, you may know someone who needs design services. To help me spread the word about Sarah Elizabeth Interior Design, and build up my clientele and portfolio, I'd like to make it worth YOUR while to share my name with your friends and family.  

For a limited time, every edesign client or interior design services client (who purchases at least 2 hours of design services) that you refer, I will send you a $15 Starbucks giftcard once they officially sign on.  Who couldn't use a Pumpkin Spice Latte right about now?

It's just my little way of saying a big "Thank You!" for all the support. 

Tomorrow I'll be back to posting "non-business" postings so please stay tuned and thanks again for stopping by.  I appreciate all my readers and hope you keep enjoying this blog!

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  1. Just discovered your blog via Makeunder My Life! Wishing you all the best with your design business. It is something I have been thinking (and overthinking...) about as well. Currently, I hang somewhere in the balance of wanting to give myself an honest chance at my design/entrepreneurial dream, and fear of quitting a design job that provides some financial support. I admire your ability to take the leap!


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