Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Found Chupacabra!

So the title is a wee bit misleading I suppose.  I didn't find THE chupacabra.  But I did find something nearly as elusive as the supposedly vicious dog-beast creature; inexpensive art that I'd actually hang in my home or a client's home.

See?  I knew you wouldn't believe me.  Luckily, I have proof!

Exhibit 1: Cozamia, where prints start for under $40.00.  You can order plain prints, framed prints or canvas wrapped.  So pretty, so unique and so affordable!  I really, really want the herringbone print for myself!


Exhibit 2: Etsy (various artists).  Whether you're looking for original works, reproductions, prints, letterpress.  You name it, Etsy has it and most of it is extremely affordable.  A quick roundup of what stood out to me:



The great thing about prints is they are inexpensive and once you dress them up in a crisp matte and pretty frame, they'll look like you spent a whole lot more.  

Do you have any great sources for well-priced art?


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