Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pallet Projects - Would You?

Despite turning another year older, yesterday turned out to be a really nice birthday.  I spent most of the day at my sister's house, helping her figure out the best furniture arrangement for her long and skinny living room.  It's a beautiful room with a coved ceiling, original hardwood floors, brick fireplace and tons of natural light.  I just love it.  

She's a really crafty, "If-I-See-It-I-Can-Build-It" kind of girl and the two of us share an obsession with anything made of reclaimed wood.  I got to check out her latest reclaimed masterpiece:

I love it and the feminine bedding she added is just the right vibe against the rustic unfinished wood.  

The project that inspired my little sis:

Not stopping with a headboard, Amanda also has plans to turn a stack of pallets into a new cocktail table on casters.  Totally fearless, this girl!

My curiosity got the best of me and I went searching on Pinterest for photos of pallet tables and other pallet-related projects.  Turns out, there are some really incredible and shockingly doable ideas.  

I've had this plate rack photo pinned up on the side of my fridge for a few years now and I love the modern, rustic simplicity of it.  Genius!

These cocktail tables are for you Amanda!

I absolutely love this first photo, the grays, plums and mauves and the composition....dreamy, dreamy, dreamy.


Make your very own rustic wall art:

How about a DIY succulent wall?  Imagine an entire wall of your patio or backyard filled with these - gorgeous!

Perhaps the most unexpected (at least to me) use of pallets - flooring.  Yes, these stairs and that outrageous herringbone floor are both made with pallet wood.  

Can you believe that floor?  Sexy!

Pallet wood...I think I love you.

How do you feel about the pallet wood craze?  Are you "on board"?  

No, I'm not proud of that. 


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