Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So it's My Birthday and Whatnot

Today's post was initially going to be a typical birthday post where I talk about what's on my birthday wish list.  The list would include various trinkets and baubles and maybe a weekend getaway someplace that looks like this:

Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona

Ok, I'd really REALLY love a mini-vacation right about now.  I can't lie.

Instead of focusing on what other people might give me today, I've been thinking more about what I can give myself in the next year through my own hard work and maybe with a bit of good fortune. I'm frighteningly close to the big 4-0, that magical age by which I'm supposed to have achieved all my goals and "have it all together". 

The older I get, the less I see my birthday as an reason to get presents (although I certainly don't discourage them) and more like a time to evaluate what I have or have not accomplished in the last year and also to list out what I hope to accomplish in the year to come.

My list for year 36 (ouch!):

Continue to grow my design business by attracting clients who share my philosophy of mixing inexpensive vintage finds with shiny new goodies. 

Have one of my projects professionally photographed instead of using my trusty point & shoot!

Have one of my projects featured in a national online magazine.

Secure a regular freelance writing gig as a blogger or feature writer with a local or national design/DIY publication.

Grow my blog readership by running it more like a magazine with regular features, great content and implementing an editorial calendar.

Complete (because I have no problem at all starting them!) and post more DIY projects of my own.

And on a personal note:

Finally run that 5k I've been trying to train for the last 3 years!

Put more time and effort into dressing like a super-chic and stylish adult with intentional ensembles like these:




Finally, to stop stressing so much over the details and commit to living by these mottos:

Today I'm heading over to one of my sister's - she's getting a "One Day Makeover" of her already adorable living room.  Tonight the boyfriend and I will celebrate this glorious occassion by taking not one but TWO of our dogs to the vet for their checkups.  

Never let it be said that I don't know how to party mmmkay?

So tell me, is this just my own weirdness - the "Gotta accomplish this, this and this by 40" thing?  Anyone else out there putting that much emphasis on turning 30, 40, 50 or any particular age?


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