Monday, December 12, 2011

Awkward Marriages & Laundry Room Update

Before we get into what is sure to be a rousing debate on exactly which blue/green is the best choice to represent my laundry room, can I indulge in a little trashy TV talk? 

Please tell me I'm not the only one out there who can't resist the Kardashians....  I know.  I'm slightly ashamed of myself and I've tried to stop watching but I just can't help it.  You've gotta have a little trashy TV in your life to appreciate how levelheaded and un-fame-seeking-whorish you're not right??  

So last night, I'm watching these two newlyweds work out important semi-celebrity-newlywed things like "Where are we going to live?" and "Are we even going to live together?" and "Where do we want to raise a family?" and one we can all relate to, "Who will raise this future family?  Kim or a team of nannies?".  You know, things that MOST people work out (or at least bring up!) BEFORE getting married.  My head hurts.

Is it just me or do those two seem like the most awkward married couple you've ever seen?  It's SO uncomfortable to watch! And the more Kim and Kourtney I see, the more I like Khloe.  "She's so down for her man".  Oh that Mr. Kim K, such an insightful one.

So, laundry room.  I really want this room to have some brightness and fun.  I think a cherry red washer and dryer sort of dictates that.  I've narrowed my options down to three Dunn Edwards paints, Castaway, Caribbean Cruise and lastly, Star City.

 The guy at the paint counter thought he was so cute, "You realize these are all basically the same color, right?".  You know what buddy?  Zip it.  There are differences, subtle differences maybe but differences nonetheless.  

Shouldn't a guy working the paint counter be able to recognize that?  Yeah, you'd think.  

They actually look a little more green in person.  The top color (Castaway) is a Tiffany blue and the bottom one (Star City) is more grayish teal.  Here's a photo of the chips from my phone that's a little bit better of a representation:

Imagine these with more teal in them

 SO different from each other, right??  See, I knew I wasn't nuts.  I knew you guys would get it. 

The old washer and dryer are coming out tonight so tomorrow I'll start painting.  I'm leaning towards Castaway.  I think.  It's the lightest and least gray of the three which I like but the brightness factor is a little scary.  It really is a million times easier to pick paint for a client. 

I'll be buying paint tomorrow morning so if you have any strong opinions on my laundry room walls (and why wouldn't you??), leave them here today.  I promise to briefly consider considering them before I do what I want anyway.


  1. Just found your blog. This post made me smile! I totally agree... they are totally different! Can't wait to see which one you chose!


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